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THE ADDICT by Leight July

Reminiscing by Leight July

Drink you away by justin timberlake

proper fence by shakey graves


LIVe shows

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this is leight july

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"The 'Best of the Fest' award goes to Leight July, a one-woman band, with folksy vocals, and a bluesy guitar.  She adds a base-drum with one foot and tambourine with the other.  She's very talented, and adorable.  I can't wait to catch another show."

- Scouting Terrapin Hill Cabin Fever Fest, Author of "Everything Is Spinning" : Mike Georgiades.

"Saw her at George Jones bar on her birthday she was my favorite singer in Nashville and we were there for a week."
- Jeff Stark from Iowa

"Leight July is not only an amazing vocalist, but equally as successful as a lyricist. Overall, her set is truly one of a kind that can translate properly to multiple audiences.
She is a treat to witness live, and her energy is incredible. LJ has insane guitar picking skills that'll make you want to put down your acoustic, melodic and well-versed piano performances in her original material, and ability to play the drums and write in a way that is cohesive... It is truly inspiring.

I HIGHLY recommend LJ for any Americana/Folk/Jam-oriented festivals, private events, and proper venues. She will certainly not disappoint!"

- Elijah Knight from Kentucky

"I first heard Leight on WDBX 91.1 Carbondale Il. I admire a young person making her own music in an authentic, acoustic style. I’m older and have been a musician for decades; Leight July making this kind of roots music warms my heart and gives me faith for the future of authentic music. Thank you."
- Michael Potter from Illinois


Leight July started performing towards the end of October in 2016, just a few months after she began to experiment with the suitcase drum her father assembled. She has always claimed music as an emotional outlet, and is more than grateful to now claim it as a career. Leight's first performance took place at the Silent Brigade Distillery in downtown Paducah, Kentucky and has eventually migrated throughout Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Ohio, and Iowa. 

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While in this journey of her music career, LJ enjoys writing and composing her original Americana-styled songs over all. The idea that there is no limit to the amount of compositions that can be arranged with any instrument, any melody, and any lyric, strikes a never-ending interest with Leight.


Leight's performance has been influenced by a plethora of genres and generations of music. Covering a variety of songs, she incorporates her own folky/bluesy presentation while playing guitar, a suitcase drum, tambourine, the occasional harmonica, and singing. LJ creates an Americana sound with her one-woman band setup. Shakey Graves has been an extreme influence on Leight's instrumentation.








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