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THE ADDICT by Leight July

Reminiscing by Leight July

Drink you away by justin timberlake

proper fence by shakey graves


LIVe shows

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this is leight july

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"The 'Best of the Fest' award goes to Leight July, a one-woman band, with folksy vocals, and a bluesy guitar.  She adds a base-drum with one foot and tambourine with the other.  She's very talented, and adorable.  I can't wait to catch another show."

- Scouting Terrapin Hill Cabin Fever Fest, Author of "Everything Is Spinning" : Mike Georgiades.

"Saw her at George Jones bar on her birthday she was my favorite singer in Nashville and we were there for a week."
- Jeff Stark from Iowa

"Leight July is not only an amazing vocalist, but equally as successful as a lyricist. Overall, her set is truly one of a kind that can translate properly to multiple audiences.
She is a treat to witness live, and her energy is incredible. LJ has insane guitar picking skills that'll make you want to put down your acoustic, melodic and well-versed piano performances in her original material, and ability to play the drums and write in a way that is cohesive... It is truly inspiring.

I HIGHLY recommend LJ for any Americana/Folk/Jam-oriented festivals, private events, and proper venues. She will certainly not disappoint!"

- Elijah Knight from Kentucky

"I first heard Leight on WDBX 91.1 Carbondale Il. I admire a young person making her own music in an authentic, acoustic style. I’m older and have been a musician for decades; Leight July making this kind of roots music warms my heart and gives me faith for the future of authentic music. Thank you."
- Michael Potter from Illinois








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