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LJ here. hope thanksgiving has you fuLL of Love and aLL the food you couLd possibLy put on your oversized pLates . . . X10.

because i am extra thankfuLL of you, this year, i have decided to create a coupon you can appLy at checkout in my onLine store. when you spend $25 or more, type in the coupon code "LJ2020", and you get $8 off your entire order!

**this coupon is going to be vaLid tomorrow, tiLL christmas 2020.

us musicians know damn weLL shows are aLL getting canceLLed again, whether we Like it or not. [gotta keep the grind going somehow]

so cheers to us.

to another year of showing that germ who's boss, and Lots of LJ merch in your Loved ones stockings . . .

happy hoLidays. sit back, enJoy the company you have, and order as much Leight July merchandise your beautifuL heart desires.

good Luck to us aLL


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